Windows PC Installation & Setup

Reinstalling Windows

Have you noticed that after years of use, your computer has started to slow down? Installed programs and the increasing number of personal files degrade your computer’s performance over time. The quick and easy solution is to reinstall the Microsoft Windows operating system. This repair will speed up your computer, just as the day you bought it. It will also improve startup boot times, as well as increase the overall performance of your computer. Reinstalling windows will also get rid of any viruses that may be on your computer, while also repairing any system corruptions. It will be just like factory resetting your computer, without losing any of your files or data.

If you no longer have your Windows CD, don’t worry! We’ll come to your Perth home or office, and reinstall Windows without a disc using a bootable USB. We will firstly take you through your files step by step, and backup the files you want to keep while noting down the programs you frequently use. We will then wipe and reinstall a clean copy Windows. If you were planning to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8, we can install Windows 10 for you. On your freshly installed Windows, we’ll restore all your personal files, and get your old programs up and running. We’ll make sure all your drivers are installed, and install the best free antivirus software.

windows installer

Some modern laptops come with a preinstalled recovery partition, which makes it easier to repair the operating system. We’ll finally make sure that your new installation is updated with the latest software patches from Microsoft to prevent security vulnerabilities.

We offer computer repair services all across Perth. Once your new system is setup, we can configure automatic backups to make sure your files are never lost. We can also configure and install your home or office network.