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Virus Removal Perth

Do you have strange programs starting up by themselves? Is your computer full of viruses and your web browser filled with intrusive popups? Is your computer becoming slow and unusable? If so, we can help!

Our Local Service

Done Locally provides Perth households and businesses with the best Antivirus and Virus Removal services! We have local technicians in your suburb who will come to your home or office, and quickly remove all viruses from your computer! We’ll even setup an antivirus software to prevent future infections! We charge only $60 per hour, and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our service, or your money back! We also offer same day services at no extra cost!

What is a Virus?

Viruses and other malicious software are designed to harm you and your computer. Their function can vary from permanently deleting your important files, to monitoring your computer usage. If you have a virus running on your computer, attackers can track everything you do. This means they have access to sensitive information, such as your passwords and banking details.

How do you get a Virus?

Malicious software such as Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Ransomware are spread by either opening dangerous email attachments, accidentally downloading infected files or visiting compromised websites. Your USB hard drive can also become infected when plugged into an infected computer.

Windows Computer Virus

Signs of a Virus Infection

Top 5 telltale signs that you have a virus:

  1. If you find programs popping up that you never installed
  2. If your computer is doing something strange without you touching it
  3. If you find popups telling you to fix or speed up your computer
  4. A sudden change in your web browser home page
  5. If you have a loud fan noise and slow computer when nothing is running

fake pc scan virus

A virus software that randomly pops up and claims your computer has problems.

How can we help?

Done Locally provides Perth with the best Virus Removal Services, at the best prices! We have local technicians in your suburb who can come to your Perth home or office, and clean your computer remove viruses and any other harmful software. We’ll also install the best free antivirus program, which will prevent future infections when browsing online.


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If you’ve lost important data due to a virus, we also offer Data Recovery Services! To prevent future data loss, we can Setup Automatic Backups!

More Info – Types of Malicious Software


Spyware is malicious software that secretly monitors your computer usage. It behaves as a keylogger, recording everything you type. Sensitive information such as email password and credit card information are sent to the attackers. It is hard to tell if you have been infected with spyware, but if you notice unauthorised access to any of your accounts, your computer may be compromised. Spyware will affect all users accessing the infected machine. Removing spyware should be treated with high urgency. Spyware removal should be followed up with changing passwords and contacting the bank if unauthorised transactions have occurred.


Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts or locks files so that they cannot be accessed. Instructions will be provided to pay attacker (usually in BitCoin) to unlock the files. This ransom should never be paid as there is no guarantee the attacker will unlock the files. Recent ransomware such as Petya, Wannacry and Cryptolocker have the ability to spread through networked computers. The best way to avoid being a target is to always install operating system updates and by keeping a backup of your important files.

wannacry ransomware


Adware is malicious software that displays advertisements on your computer. These ads are hard remove, and they can prevent you from working. Adware usually comes bundled in other software that you download. If your web browser becomes infected, you will see popups everywhere making it impossible to access the internet. Adware removal is usually straightforward, as it does not corrupt personal or system files.

Browser Hijacking

Browser Hijacking means some software is preventing you from correctly browsing the internet. When you attempt to search, you will be redirected to unsafe webpages. You can tell if your web browser has been hijacked by looking at your home page. Hijacked browsers will have suddenly changed from Google, Yahoo or Bing that you normally use. Continuing to use a hijacked browser is dangerous, however removal of this malware is straightforward.

hijacked home page