Internet and Network

Internet and Network Services

Connect to the Internet

  • We can setup your NBN, ADSL or 4G wireless modem and get you connected to the internet. If you have purchased a new modem, we can transfer your settings across so that all your devices will continue to work as normal.

Setup a Home Network

  • We can setup a network in your Perth home, ensuring you get the most out of your connected devices. With a professional home network installation service, you can access files and folders on other computers, print from anywhere in the house, and stream photos and videos to your TV. We can configure a wired home network if you need more bandwidth, or a wireless home network so you can use your devices in any room of the house.

Setup an Office Network

  • Setting up network in your Perth office allows you to share resources with all you devices. We can setup network drives, allowing all devices to access files from one shared location. Printers, faxes and scanners can be accessed by all computers on the office network. You can remotely connect and access other computers without having to leave your desk.

Automatic Backup

  • Configure your networked computers to automatically backup your data periodically. Backups of your important files can be routinely copied onto a network drive. The backups run on schedule, without requiring any ongoing input from the user.

Extend Your WiFi Signal

  • If you have poor Wi-Fi signal in some areas of your Perth home or office, a Wi-Fi range extender can help. Extend the range of your wireless network to reach all your rooms. A repeater can receive your current wireless connection, and rebroadcast the signal to nearly double the range.

VOIP Phone

  • Set up a VOIP phone or VOIP software allowing you to make cheaper phone call over the internet.

Network Security                          

  • Protect your wireless network from unauthorised access. Restrict the devices which can connect to your network, and even restrict the time and websites allowed. We also offer computer security services if you have already been compromised.

File Sharing

  • Setup a shared folder which can be accessed by any device on the network. Store all your data in a centralised location, and configure periodic network backups.