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Same Day Service

Need urgent assistance? We offer same day service, straight to your door!


Fair Prices

We charge fair prices with no hidden fees, surcharges or minimum charge period!
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All Devices

We can assist with your Windows, Mac, Tablet, Phone, Home Theater and more!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Questions about your service? Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
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Windows PC Services & Repairs

Repair your Windows laptop, desktop, or tablet computer. Fix startup and boot errors. Repair internet and network connection problems. Fix slow, frozen or unresponsive computers. Reset your Windows installation.

Mac Services & Repairs

Repair problems with Apple iMacs and Macbooks. Fix network problems, slow, unresponsive or freezing computers, and computers that wont boot.

Virus Removal

Remove viruses from your computer, and other malicious software. Repair computer virus damage. Install the best free antivirus software. Scan external hard drives and remove viruses permanently.

Internet and Network

Setup home or office networks. Configure NBN/ADSL modems and wireless WiFi routers. Install network drives and file sharing. Enable VOIP phone services, and additional access points and range extenders.

Data Recovery

Recover contents from a wiped hard drive, files that have been accidentally deleted, or data from a broken computer.

Automatic Backups

Setup an automated backup system to periodically make a copy of all your files onto an external hard drive, network drive, or to the cloud.

Printer Setup

Setup your printer to print from all of your devices. Replace printer ink cartridges and fix paper jams.

Password Reset

Reset passwords and reassign Administrator privileges if you have forgotten your password or no longer have access to your user account.

Home Theatre

Setup your TV or projector and connect to all your media and gaming devices. Connect your smart TV to the internet and surround sound speaker system.

Mobile and Tablet

Setup your new device, and transfer all your data including contacts, emails, sms and applications.

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More Than Just Computer Repairs...

We do things differently. We aren’t chasing profits. Our priorities are people, community and environment.