Frozen Mac

If your Mac is constantly freezing no matter which applications you use, you may need to reinstall the Mac Operating System. If it is a specific application causing the computer to freeze, we will remove or update the software.

Reinstall MacOS

If your Mac gets stuck at the login screen, keeps freezing, or is just very slow, the best solution is to reinstall the operating system. You can either keep your files and reinstall the operating system, or wipe everything and free up your hard drive.

Wont Boot

If your Mac doesn’t boot up to the login screen, or keeps restarting when attempting to boot, the operating system has become corrupt. The start-up files need to be repaired using the boot discs.

Data Recovery

If your Mac wont boot, and you want to upgrade, we can recover the contents of your hard drive. Similarly if you have lost data from a portable hard drive, we can scan and recover it.

Install Windows

We can install Windows on your Mac, allowing you to select between the operating systems when the computer boots.

Mac and Windows Hard Drive

If you use your portable hard drive on both Mac and PC, you will know that it isn’t compatible with both at the same time. We can format your hard drive to a file system that is compatible with both computers.