Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The supply of Services by Done Locally to its Customers is offered on the following Terms and Conditions. By requesting, booking or otherwise permitting Done Locally to supply Services, the Customer confirms that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

Customer means an individual, firm or corporation requesting Services from Done Locally.

Terms mean the Terms and Conditions defined in this document.

Services mean the services provided by the Done Locally, including but not limited to, information technology maintenance and repair services and such other services as may be agreed with the Customer.

2. Prior to Booking

Prior to requesting Services from Done Locally, the Customer must ensure:

  1. They will accurately describe the fault or issue they are experiencing.
  2. They will be available at the time and location confirmed during the booking process.
  3. They will provide at least 24 hours’ notice if they wish to cancel or reschedule a booking.
  4. Important files have been backed up by the Customer.
  5. A safe and hygienic work space is available for the technician to perform the requested Services.
  6. The technician will not be obstructed from performing the requested Services. Obstructions include but are not limited to physical obstructions, passwords, power and internet access.

3. Payment and Charges

  1. Done Locally charges a standard rate of $60 per hour, billed in five minute increments.
  2. A call-out fee of $15 is charged for any booking that is completed in less than one hour. This is to cover the technician’s transportation time and cost.
  3. Payment can be made via cash, bank transfer or debit/credit card.
  4. Payment must be made in full before the technician leaves the Customer’s premises.
  5. Evidence of payment must be provided to the technician upon request.

4. No-Fix No-Fee Policy

  1. The No-Fix No-Fee Policy applies when the technician determines they are unable to solve the Customer’s issue.
  2. The Customer will only be charged the $15 call-out fee.
  3. The technician will provide the Customer with further information about the fault or issue.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee ensures Customers that are rightfully unsatisfied receive their money back. This Guarantee applies when:

  1. The technician believes the fault has been rectified.
  2. The Customer pays the technician for the Services.
  3. The Customer is later unsatisfied with the Services.
  4. The Customer informs Done Locally of their concerns or dissatisfaction in writing.
  5. Done Locally investigates the matter and the Customer’s claims are substantiated.