Common Windows Problems

Common Windows Problems

Black Screen During Boot

  • When the computer cannot boot the operating system, it will get stuck at a black screen. There may be a problem with the computer’s hard drive, or the operating system software may be corrupted.

Infinite Boot Loop

  • If the computer keeps restarting and never boots into Windows, the startup files have been corrupted.

Data Recovery from a Broken Computer

  • If your old computer wont boot and you don’t want to get it repaired, we can recover your important files and transfer them to your new computer.

Loud Fan or Random Shutdown

  • If your computer has a loud fan or suddenly shuts down, your computer may be overheating. We will monitor the temperatures and make sure your fan is sufficiently cooling your machine.

Slow or Freezing Computer

  • If your computer has become slow, it is likely due to having too many programs installed. We can remove unwanted programs and free disk space, or even reinstall the operating system to make it work like new.