Windows Services

Windows Services

Reinstall Windows

  • Restore your computer to its original settings with a fresh installation of Windows. This will speed up your computer and remove all programs, including viruses. You can also choose to keep or delete your personal files.

New Computer Setup

  • If you purchase a new computer or decide to reinstall Windows, we can migrate all your files and setup all your programs. This includes setting up your email account, Microsoft Office, antivirus, as well as installing your speakers, printer, webcam and more.

Automatic Backups

  • We can set up an automated backup system to periodically make a copy of all your files onto an external drive. This will allow you to easily recover files that are accidentally deleted, overwritten or lost.

Data Recovery

  • Recover data that has been accidentally deleted from your computer or hard drive. It is important to stop using the device immediately, as that increase the chance of a successful recovery.

Remove Viruses and Unwanted Programs

  • We can scan and remove all viruses from your computers and hard drives. We can also help you install an antivirus program to prevent future infections. We will assess the damage done by the virus, and repair the operating system if required. We can also get rid of any annoying popups or programs that just wont uninstall from your computer.

Partition Hard Drive

  • Split your hard drive into multiple partitions giving them each a different drive letter. Allowing you to better organise your data.

Dual-Boot Operating Systems

  • Install two different operating systems on your computer, such as Windows and Mac OS, or even install two versions of Windows at the same time, like Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Internet and Network

  • Connect your computer to your network, and enable file sharing, video streaming and wireless printing.

Upgrade/Downgrade Windows

  • We can upgrade or even downgrade your version of Windows. We will make sure all your files transfer correctly and that all your programs are compatible.

Install Windows on a USB

  • Create a bootable Windows USB and take your windows anywhere.