Speed Up Your Computer

Fixing a Slow Computer

Working on a slow computer can be really frustrating and time consuming. If your computer often freezes and crashes, you can also lose unsaved documents. If you’ve been wondering ‘why is my computer so slow’, here are the top 3 ways you can speed up your computer.

1.0 Startup Programs Cleanup

This is an easy fix which will speed up your computer for free. If your computer is running really slow after logging in, this could be due to your startup programs. It is normal for some programs to be loaded when you log in, like your antivirus software. However, unnecessary software such as Adobe PDF Reader or iTunes can really slow down your computer. The quick-fix solution is to disable all non-essential programs from running on startup. On Windows 7, you can access startup programs by typing ‘msconfig’ in the start menu. Select the startup tab and disable the programs that you don’t need.

Windows 7 Startup

For Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can access startup programs by typing ‘Task Manager’ in the start menu. On the startup tab, you can right click to disable unneeded programs.

Windows 8/10 Startup

Be cautions when disabling software on startup, as this could cause unexpected behaviour. If you are not sure about some of the programs listed, contact us to come and take a look.

2.0 Virus Removal

If you find software popping up on your computer or unknown programs running, you could have a computer virus. We can scan and remove computer viruses, which cause your computer to become slow and unresponsive. Removing malicious software can also speed up your internet if your web browser is infected. If your computer has become slow all of a sudden, a virus could explain it. Virus removal is not always easy, as viruses can actively prevent you running antivirus software. Click here for more information about our malicious software removal service.

3.0 Reinstall Windows

The last option is to reinstall your operating system. This method has the benefits of both the above options, as it will remove all installed programs that could be slowing down your computer, including viruses and spyware. This method even works for speeding up old computers, and will boost the performance of any desktop or laptop computer. We can copy your important files off your computer and scan them with antivurs software. We will then reset your entire operating system back to a fresh clean installation. We will then copy back your files and reinstall your programs. Click here for more information about our operating system reinstallation service.