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Are you struggling with a slow computer? Do you have viruses and intrusive popups? Do you need to setup your home or office network? If so, we can help! Done Locally provides Perth’s best computer repair services to Henley Brook homes and businesses! Our local technicians come to you and solve any computer, network or other IT issues! We charge only $60 per hour, and offer same day services at no extra cost!

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Having a local technician means shorter travel times to our customers! This benefits our customers, technicians, and the environment!

Services provided at your Henley Brook Home or Business:

  • Computer Repairs including Laptop Repairs & Desktop Repairs
  • Apple Macbook and iMac Computer Repairs and Services
  • Home and Office Network Setup, Security and Configuration
  • Virus Removal, Antivirus and Protection
  • Data Recovery and Automatic Backups Services
  • Password Reset and File Recovery Services
  • Printer Setup, Configuration and Repair Services
  • Mobile and Tablet Repairs and Services
  • Home Theatre Installation and Setup
  • And Much More!

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1) New Computer Setup

If you have just purchased a new laptop or desktop computer, we can help get it up and running in no time! We will transfer all your files from your old computer, and install the same programs you were using on your old machine. We will make sure to install an antivurs software to prevent your new computer being infected with any viruses or malware!

2) Reinstall/Reset Windows

If your computer has become really slow, and it takes ages to turn on, log in or run programs, reinstalling the Windows operating system will speed it right back up! You will be able to keep all your files, while getting a fresh installation Windows installation! We will install an antivirus software to prevent it slowing down again!

3) Virus Removal & Protection

We can scan and permanently remove viruses from your laptop or desktop computer, and even your portable hard drives! This will stop those unknown programs popping up and preventing you from working. If we find that the viruses have damaged your computer, we can reinstall your operating system instead!

4) Data & Photo Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted a file, our data recovery software can un-delete it! We can recover files from a wiped hard drive or a computer that won’t turn on! If your photos have been lost from your memory card, we can recover them too!

5) Network Setup (Wired & Wireless)

We can setup your home or office network allowing all devices to access and share files! We will connect your printer to the network, allowing you to print from any machine! We will setup and secure Wi-Fi access, and setup your Smart TV and home entertainment network!


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