Internet and Network

Internet and Network

Connect to the Internet

  • Setup your new ADSL or Wireless modem and get connected to the internet. If you have purchased a new modem, we can transfer your settings across so that all your devices will continue to work as normal.

Setup a Home or Office Network

  • Setup a home or office network connecting all your devices. A connected network means you can access files from other computers, stream movies to your TV and share resources like printers and scanners.

Extend Your WiFi Range

  • Extend the range of your wireless network to reach all your rooms. A repeater can receive your current wireless connection, and rebroadcast the signal to nearly double the range.

VOIP Phone

  • Set up a VOIP phone or VOIP software allowing you to make cheaper phone call over the internet.

Network Security

  • Protect your wireless network from unauthorised access or configure restricted guest access with time and website restrictions.

File Sharing

  • Setup a shared folder which can be accessed by any device on the network. Store all your data in a centralised location, and configure periodic network backups.